The Object of the Game is to Win 10

You read that right.

The object of the game is to win.

Don’t get me wrong, in an election, that’s not the end, it’s the end of the beginning.

Winning an election means we get to implement policies. Losing (even “losing pure”) means we get to sit on the sidelines and watch the other guys implement theirs. And if we liked their policies more, why are we on our side?

If you don’t understand that, maybe politics isn’t for you. Maybe another hobby would suit you better. Stamp collecting? Model railroading? Birdwatching? Really – if you don’t get this, leave it to those of us that do.

There is no such thing as “making a statement” by coming in second in electoral politics. That’s called losing, and we’re far too used to it, because our side, the Dems if you will, have viewed principled losses as somehow ennobling.

They’re not. They hurt us, and they hurt America. Internalize that now. Then prepare to act on it, because November is important.

We have to do whatever we can to undo the disaster fostered in part by Democrats sitting on their hands in 2010 to “teach Obama a lesson” of whatever sort.

Never, ever, do that again.

Down-ballot elections are even more important, both Congressional and state legislative races make huge differences in people’s lives, and giving things over to the Republicans out of some sort of pique is not just foolish, it’s destructive – to you, me, our families, and this society. Ask the good folks in Wisconsin, Ohio, or Michigan about what happens when Republicans turn out and Democrats stay home. They’ll have stories, I suspect.

November matters.

And the object of the game is to win.


  1. Your page looks nice. Don’t get me started on Rick Scott. The hospitals have already organized a suit against him turning down medicade money. They need it to help pay for all the care they give to people that can’t pay. He is the reason why Obama will carry Florida. I also predict that he will be primaried in 2014 and will loose.

    I reblog a blog on paradigm from someone who follows me that is into training and biking in Canada. I thought you would like her ‘ode to her bike.” She takes wonderful pictures of her bike meets.

  2. If you read my comment on paradigm, you’ll know where I am coming from when I say this. If Obama wins a second term, it will be because he was meant to win and not by you or me or momoe or the man in the moon.

    And right now it is looking like Romney is being set up to be thrown under the bus.

    • Relative to your comment elsewhere: Perhaps in your embittered world that may be the case.

      Do you ever have a good day?

      Relative to your comment here: “Meant to win” how, exactly?

  3. MAC is this you?

    Anyway, good blog.

    I just am so worried about how the repubs have stolen our voters!

    I know, Americans are doing well when 50% show up in the voting booths.

    We used to be able to grab vans and get Grandma to the voting booths.

    Now she needs a gun permit.

    The Dems need to make sure all our voters get gun permits.

    the end

    • Dickon I’ve missed you at DAG. I hope you are doing well. Alan blogs here too. How are you Dick Day! Vote, Vote, Vote! I read your stuff you know, I just don’t comment much.

  4. Not T-Mac, DD. Me.

    Good to see you here, hope you’re OK up there and yes, vote! Tell the kids and neighbors too!

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