Bill Nye Debates Marsha Blackburn and David Gregory 3

I don’t really believe David Gregory is a good reporter at all, and I certainly do not believe he knows anything about science. So it wasn’t too surprising that Mr. Gregory did a terrible job moderating a so-called debate between Bill Nye and Marsha Blackburn, who knows nothing about science so instead of beginning a debate on facts, Blackburn immediately makes the claim that Bill Nye is just an actor/engineer and not a climate scientist, but her problem is, Nye knows his science Blackburn does not. But then of course she dove right into the BS that there are scientists who disagree so there is no consensus on climate change. Nyee does an excellent job, but he is fighting two people here. Neither of who seem to know much about anything except how to play politics.


  1. I despise David Gregory. He is, by far, the worst host Meet the Press has ever had. His interview skills are negligible, his debate moderating amateurish. It’s time for the ‘World’s longest running TV show’ to go away. It’s become an embarrassment. Marsha Blackburn is an ignorant twit, and by twit, I mean a word with a different vowel and the same consonants. She shills for the coal industry, and recites the dumbest talking points as if she has proven the existence of oxygen in the atmosphere. The fact that the debate was over whether or not climate change is real, is ludicrous. Bill Nye might not be the perfect choice for standard bearer, but at least he’s willing to stand up to the shameless purveyors of ignorance and give them a one-on-one smackdown; first with the evolution deniers, and now with the climate change deniers.

  2. The problem goes deeper than Gregory. (So do many things.)

    MTP and the rest are tied to a model where controversy = viewers = ratings = ad sales revenue, so the incentive to present discord instead of insight is rooted in the profit motive.

    Until that changes, it’s in NBC’s interest to foment and present, rather than illuminate.

    The thing that bothers me more is that in all the climate change discussion, we’re still hearing the denials on the right (no surprise there) and only advocacy for slowing the rate from most if not all of those on the left, as their expression of concern.

    It’s time we face the inevitability of the change and begin to focus on adaptation, because even if we (as in all of humanity) stopped launching carbon into the atmosphere tomorrow, the temperatures as a global average would still increase for decades if not more, and the resultant instability would continue, and almost certainly be aggravated by that increase.

    It’s happening and that’s a fact. We can’t stop it, we can only hope to prepare and adapt to the greater number of Katrinas, Sandys, and polar vortex blasts we will inevitably see.

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