Susan G. Komen’s Epic Fail 11

The Susan G. Komen foundation hours ago pulled the money they grant to Planned Parenthood to provide mammograms citing a congressional investigation of Planned Parenthood. I predict this is going to turn into an epic failure on the part of the Foundation.

What do you think will happen? Deciding to pull funding for a program that helps low income women receive mammograms, seems like you might be penalizing the people who most need these services . Women are going to be completely outraged at your actions, as once again our health care needs are subject to politicization, and now an organization that once helped is assisting those who would hold our needs hostage.   I am dumbfounded at your reprehensible decision that jeopardizes the health of poor women.  You know you going to have to reverse this horrendous decision, right, you have to know this, because the announcement has caused what now appears to be a mini-firestorm, but by tomorrow will be totally out of control. The longer this goes on the worse your publicity, and the more money the Foundation loses. But it isn’t just money that the Foundation is set to lose here, it has also suddenly lost the air of non-partisanship, and the appearance of a willingness to participate in the politicization of reproductive health, and in doing so, you were willing to sacrifice those who can’t fight back.

Your excuse for pulling this funding is beyond insulting to anyone who is in a semi-conscious state, seriously, “planned parenthood is under congressional investigation” is pretty lame.

Let’s unpack this excuse, so aside from the fact that Republican congresses have been investigating Planned Parenthood since the 1980’s, what makes this time so different? Are the charges more serious this time? No of course they are not. The investigation is being conducted by  Rep. Cliff Stearns of Florida, Republican of course, and it seems to be the run of the mill investigation that every Republican Congress conducts, you know the one I am talking about,  the one where congress tries to find evidence that PP is using federal funds to conduct abortion services. Every investigation is merely a ruse to pull all funding from Planned Parenthood services.

Why on earth would a Foundation that does so much good let politics seep into their decisions, I think this decision is going to deeply damage the Foundation. The only question is, will they ever be able to rebuild their once stellar reputation.

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  2. Who cares if they can (or want to) “…rebuild their once stellar reputation” after a craven move like this? There are other organizations that have not taken such a retrograde stance. That’s where the efforts need to shift, straightaway.

    On ABL, there’s a post up pointing out that their new Executive VP of “Public Policy”, one Karen Handel by name, even once ran for Governor of Georgia on a platform of defunding Planned Parenthood.

    That’s where this comes from.

    • Yes I know about Karen Handel. I also know that the decision Komen made to stop funding Planned Parenthood comes shortly after the Foundation unveiled a new partnership that strengthens its ties to the George W. Bush Institute. I also realize Nancy Komen Brinker, the founder, is a Republican and was appointed to be Ambassador of Hungary by GW Bush. I think as I’ve said above that the air of non-partisanship is over for them, for many reasons. But it was a rhetorical question aimed at Komen, because this will destroy their ability to raise money, I don’t think they can rebuild their reputation.
      Of course you and I both know, this decision hurts women who are already hurt by a system that excludes them. Brinker and Komen are pretty much saying that is fine with them. Bummer.
      Yesterday at DAG some folks came to blame it on Democrats for losing the 2010 election, that was weird to me, when we know Republicans have been on a serious bent to shut down Planned Parenthood since the 1980’s, and now we can see Komen is complicit. It seems they are bent on becoming just another arm of Heritage Foundation, rather than a non-partisan organization created to help people with breast cancer.

      • “…some folks came to blame it on Democrats for losing the 2010 election”?

        Would these be the same people who sat on their hands that fall and let the teabaggers run rampant?

        Inquiring minds and all that…

    • @Alan, that is a damn good question, I don’t know who they voted for, but it seems Taylor Marsh wrote some blog about how it was the Democrats fault this happened at SGK, and they bought it hook line and sinker. Weird stuff, and Taylor Marsh is a hack. 😀 heh

  3. The firestrorm hath begun. Komen still has no clue what their deceit and political games have cost them.
    But this is only a symptom. The rabid right is on the attack on many levels, here, in congress, and in several states (Pa, Az, Wi). The backlash should kick their back teeth out.

    Nice blog, by the way.

    • Thanks for the compliment about my blog, and yes the firestorm has begun.
      I wonder why it is Nancy Komen Brinker seems to be tone deaf when it comes to this, did she not realize what would happen that women and men all over the country would see this for exactly what it is, a political move.
      I hope putting themselves out of business was worth it.
      Thanks for coming by!

  4. I found a post by Kelleigh Nelson at GulagBound swoihng that Susan G. Komen contributes to Planned Parenthood in qu…. I have been a contributor to SGK for many, many years. I’m reminded of a lesson that I know

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